Today at hayes arboretum:  Unique Experiences
TeePeeToday the Arboretum holds many intriguing natural characteristics and unique points of interest. The 466 acres of woodlands, meadows, swamps, and streams make this an ideal place to explore the wonderment of nature and to gain an appreciation of our natural heritage. There are hiking trails that take you through the heart of a mature Beech-Maple Forest; others take you thorough our Native Woody Plant Preserve or along a trickling stream.

For those who prefer to visit by car, we also have a beautiful driving tour that directs you on a two-mile drive throughout the property. Remember, the Auto Tour is always free of charge to members.

Special Learning Opportunities
The Arboretum provides special learning opportunities throughout the year for preschool children to senior citizens. Learning to canoe.We have summer classes, field trips, workshops, programs, presentations by noteworthy speakers, special seasonal hikes, and even night hikes. All of these programs are designed to give the learner more than just information, but an actual first hand experience in nature.

Your Membership Is Important!
Today the Arboretum has a growing membership program that allows you to help support the Arboretum's mission and also receive unique benefits. Through our member's support we are able to improve displays, maintain attractive trails, install new signs.

Some key benefits you receive as a member are discounts on programming, free Auto Tour access and discounts on facility rentals. Contributor members and above receive access to the Hayes House for overnight and day rental. Your tax dollars do not support this organization; therefore, your memberships and financial support are very meaningful to us.  

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