Stanley W. Hayes ~ In His own Words
Stanley W. Hayes, Founder of the Arboretum, taken in 1957.My mother never went to public schools but received her education entirely in an academy that was largely taught by women from Mt. Holyoke. Her constant injunction was that "you must train the mind." the older children had received their training some years before and I think I had more exclusive and direct training from her than any of the others. She taught me to read and also the use of primary arithmetic and I was eight years old before I started to school.

Railroad Figures Prominently
The railroad was prominent in my early life. After some experience as a night operator on the Pennsylvania I got a job an an operator and agent at a small station just being opened up on the extension of the narrow gage Connotton Valley Railroad to Coshocton.

Careful Saving Leads to Higher Education
While my pay was not large I was careful in my expenditures and saved money to get more education. When I had a sum ahead I would go to Oberlin and spend a term there getting the subjects that seemed most attractive. My last term there was in the fall of 1885 and I still have the examination paper in trigonometry which the teacher gave me at the end of the term on which he had written that I stood at the head of the class of 25 students. I obtained a job on the Pennsylvania RR at Columbus, Indiana, and later at Louisville whereas my biggest job was to make a list of all the bridge structures on the line and show the dimensions so far as possible. This included the main line from Louisville to Indianapolis and branch lines from Columbus to Cambridge City and Madison.

Adventure in the Newly Opened Northwest
Railroad CrewI applied to the Northern Pacific for work on an Engineering Corps and was appointed a transitman of a party which had just been organized for work in the Coeur d'Alene Mountains of Idaho. My knowledge of the transit was only fragmentary but I soon achieved efficiency and ran the transit satisfactorily until December 1 when we were transferred to Washington to run the line for a new branch of the Northern Pacific extending from Cheney to the Grand Coulee. This was rough work. The thermometer got as low as 40 degrees below zero. We slept in tents either on the ground or on beds of tulies or in sleeping bags and were very comfortable. There was much snow and in places it was from two to three feet deep. A warm wind came in February from the Japan current and melted the snow off quickly.

College Graduation and Career Building
After graduation from Cornell in 1891, I was an Assistant Engineer on the Big Four until the spring of 1893 when I was appointed Engineer Maintenance of Way at Cleveland. The Indianapolis division was added that fall and I remained here until January, 1900, when I was appointed Division Engineer on the Western Division of the New York Central at Buffalo.

Stanley HayesHayes Track Appliance Company Formed
In September, 1901, I became associated with Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co. of New York. I located an interurban line across the Jersey Meadows and under Bergen Hill and the Hudson River to Times Square, New York. I formed Hayes Track Appliance Company in November, 1903, and gave all my time to it beginning with 1905. The factory was first located at Geneva, New York. In the Spring of 1911 the factory moved to Richmond, Indiana, where it has been since that time.

More than 60 U.S. Patents Received
The details of derails, bumping posts and wheel stops had never received the attention it deserved and I provided the study and experiment which resulted in the issuance of over sixty United States patents to me. The management of the factory has been turned over to my sons with the indication that there is a long and useful life to the business.

Arboretum Established
I also became interested in trees and shrubs, and an arboretum of some two hundred eighty-five acres just east of Richmond is devoted to the study and growth of all the one hundred forty-seven varieties native in this part of Indiana and charitable Foundation has been formed and incorporated which owns all of the land.

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